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Restore A More Youthful & Vibrant Look!

While no one can stop the aging process, we can control it to a large degree with help from anti-aging medicine. Eternal Hair & Esthetics is here to unlock the mysteries of aging for you and empower you to make choices that will keep you looking and feeling younger longer.

The Facts About Aging

  • Diet, exercise, stress, smoking, and hormone balance play a major role in how we age. They affect the body’s ability to respond to damage from free radicals and chronic inflammation.
  • The first subtle signs of aging—such as wrinkles, weight gain, and fatigue—tend to appear in your 30s. This is precisely when testosterone and estrogen begin to decline in men and women. Coincidence? Of course not.
  • Signs and symptoms of aging can be controlled—and even reversed to a large degree—with hormone therapy and other anti-aging treatments.

It isn’t all about your genes. Studies suggest genetics only account for 20 to 30 percent of an individual’s chances of living to age 85 or beyond.

Anti-Aging Treatment Options

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Restoring the healthy hormone balance you had in your prime will correct many signs and symptoms of aging. You’ll enjoy more energy, a stronger sex drive, a healthier metabolism, and more.

Injectable Nutrient Therapy

Prescription injectable nutrient formulas provide a simple and convenient way to fight free radicals, control inflammation, boost your metabolism, and improve energy levels.

Nutritional Supplements

Eternal Hair & Esthetics offers nutritional supplements specifically designed to meet the needs of aging men and women. All of our supplements have been third party tested for potency and purity.

Growth Hormone Therapy

Growth hormone is responsible for cell repair and renewal. Unfortunately, growth hormone levels plummet with age. We offer growth hormone stimulation to encourage your pituitary to produce more of its own natural growth hormone, which will rejuvenate your entire body.

Experts In Anti-Aging Medicine

At Eternal Hair & Esthetics, we have been studying the science of healthy aging since 1999. We are now considered a leader in our field, with many safe and effective anti-aging treatments to choose from. Aging better is possible and we are here to help.

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