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Valentine's Day Specials
(now through 2/29)

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Smooth Skin Package

Microneedling Facial Treatment with PRP

Using our popular microneedling device, we deliver PRP into the skin for all-over skin rejuvenation. Most patients need just 1 treatment to get their desired result which can include a reduction in pore size, minimized scarring and fine lines, tighter firmer skin, and a more youthful appearance.

Special Price: $450 / Originally $599

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Hair-Free Hot Date Package

Any size 6 Session Laser Hair Removal Package

Start this Valentine's Day and be hair free by Spring with the purchase of any Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large area 6 session package!

Special Price: 20% off / Originally $850 (S), $1150 (M), $1900 (L), $2300 (XL)

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Love-At-First-Sight Package

20 units of BOTOX to banish crow's feet.

1 syringe of Juvederm to smooth out the area under the eyes & eliminate those bags!

Special Price: $700 / Originally $940

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L-O-V-E Your Hair Restoration Package

If you're dreaming of the full, thick head of hair you had in your youth, we've got you covered with our experienced Hair Transplant specialists. With our exclusive Direct Follicle Implant technique, we have full and complete control over the direction, angle, and depth of each implanted area which ensures 100% natural results. Schedule your free consultation now at eternalhair.com/appointment or call 212-344-4247.

Special Price: $3 per graft (2,500 grafts or more) / Originally $4 per graft

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