Why is DFI Better
May 06,2022

A hair transplant can be a great way to treat hair loss. It can give you back your hair and your confidence. If you’re considering taking the next step to beat your hair loss or you have just completed a successful hair transplant surgery, aftercare is critical to ensure you get the most out of your procedure. Here are 5 male transplant aftercare tips. 

Avoid Strenuous Activities

To help your scalp heal properly and minimize the risk of excessive bleeding or trauma to the head, avoid vigorous exercise for a few days after your treatment. This includes sports, lifting, manual labor, or anything that causes an accelerated heart rate or raises your blood pressure. This can cause an increased chance of recipient bleeding and dislodgement.  These activities can also disrupt the hair follicles that have been transplanted, potentially leading to poorer results.

Sleep with Your Head Elevated

When sleeping for the first few nights after a natural hair transplant, it’s critical to keep the head elevated to at least 45 degrees to avoid applying pressure to the place of the transplant or grafting. To avoid swelling, you may use a neck cushion or sleep on your side.

Ice or Steam Application

After the hair transplant, you may develop some swelling at the site of the grafting. This is normal and can occur as early as three or four days after surgery. However, you must avoid applying ice directly onto the transplant or grafting site.  To prevent swelling, place ice above your eyebrows. It is just as essential to avoid taking a steam bath for two weeks following surgery.

Washing Your Hair

Avoid washing the hair for 3-4 days after the transplant. When it comes time to wash your hair for the first time after your procedure, follow these tips.

  • Slowly and gently pour water onto your head.
  • Use a mild shampoo as directed by your dermatologist and gently massage the scalp.
  • Using clean towels, gently dab the scalp to dry your hair.

Application of Topical Solutions

After hair transplantation, a dermatologist may recommend a moisturizing lotion to avoid flaking of the scalp. It is critical to follow these instructions and to avoid applying anything to your scalp without first consulting with your doctor. 


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