How Micropigmentation Treatment works

“Eternal Hair & Esthetics is a first class
organization with the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction. It’s been roughly a month after getting my lip injections done. I originally booked a free consultation online after reading many of the former positive reviews. I decided to go with the Juvéderm Ultra XC filler rather than the Volbella XC, for more of a natural look! Upon arriving, you can sense the high clientele and sophisticated interior design of the building. Staff were welcoming and friendly when waiting for my consultation. Nina and her assistant made me feel at ease while taking me through the process, much so that I decided to do the procedure the same day! Nina is literally the best in injector in New Jersey. I’d highly recommend for you to book an appointment with her and you shall not be disappointed! I was a bit nervous at first but after applying a numbing cream around my lips, I was rest assured for everything to go well! From start to finish, the lip injections took no longer than 30 minutes. I saw results immediately and couldn’t be happier! The swelling and bruising lasted about a week but afterwards my lips were looking natural and plump. Take this review from someone with high expectations and hard to please. I will gladly recommend Eternal Hair & Esthetic and Nina as a excellent esthetician anytime. I am very delighted with overall experience. I already booked my next appointment. I can never say enough good things about this high quality experience. You will get perfection and excellence for your money!”


Submitted 01/15/22


“I just had the PDO Threads by Doctor Sheikh… You want to talk about being impressed and instant results without major surgery then this is the place. I am so impressed by the staff and most of all the doctors. The care you get here is by far the best. I will give this place 10 stars ONLY BECAUSE they deserve it.”

Judy C.

Submitted 05/20/19


“I cannot rave enough about the services here! Everything from fillers to microneedling with PRP. The staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating to my requests. The Dr and nurses were very informative about their processes… I will absolutely be returning here soon!”

Ashley N.

Submitted 05/04/19


“Where do I begin with my hair transplant journey? The building is very stylish private parking off main road. Once I walked in the office it has a very strong presence of elegance and class the staff had very clean black scrubs, I was offered coffee, water even bubbly lol as much as I wanted I had to decline. The decor through-out the office is A+. The staff is so cheerful.”

“Well getting to the nitty gritty the DHI technique is the best way to regrow and gain your hair back for my situation. The process begins early in morning you have you own room to change but the magic happens in the OR. You have the staff of four working on you. As you may think this process is easy and fast it is not the staff is working hours and hours nonstops as one harvests the hair the other takes them out while the two other techs prepare hair for transplant. So you feel comfortable bc the beginning stage is pretty hard once they start numbing your head you don’t know what to expect because your facing down .After a while you feel more at ease because the staff picks up on some small talk between themselves I jumped in from time to time.”

“So, time begins go by easier as your hairs gets plucked off. Halfway into procedure it’s implant time!!!! Your facing up and now begin appreciating all the work the staff is doing simultaneously like a well-oiled machine. You feel more at ease bc you can put a voice to a face, see the tv, blink, yawn, etc. When this is all over you have some pain and discomfort you did have needles and work done on your head for about 7 hours straight. Three hours later and you feel better I feel it’s just the positions your head is in. The medication helps a lot.”

“They explained everything I had to do post op. As the process can’t be summarized in one post . I would recommend this place due to the three things… cleanliness, professionalism, and feeling I got from the staff with small talk and personal phone number I had from the team member. So, before operation I was contact with the surgeon and had little question as he was there for me. So, the holding of your hand is very important from me. I hope this helps anyone looking into this process as it is not easy decision to make. They do help with questions and provided me much with confidence that they can do the work efficiently and outcome I will see down the road.”

Ronald M.

Submitted 10/01/19