Restore More Youthful Facial Contours

Beginning in your mid-20s, your collagen production starts to decline by one or two percent per year. Consequently, your skin begins to lose its volume and sags. To avoid this and gain a renewed boost of self-confidence, the expert team at Eternal Hair and Esthetics in Totowa, New Jersey, can help you tighten your skin through non-surgical treatments. To inquire about which treatment is right for you, call the office today or schedule your appointment online.

Do I need skin tightening?

Am I a good candidate for non-surgical skin tightening?

As you age, your collagen levels decrease. This causes your skin to lose the fullness and tightness it once had. In the past, surgeries such as facelifts were the only options, but now there are many effective non-surgical laser treatments available.

If you’re experiencing saggy or mild looseness in your skin, a non-surgical skin tightening could be perfect for you.

Benefits of non-invasive skin tightening treatment

What are the benefits to having a non-invasive skin tightening procedure?

Using the most advanced medical technology, the wonderful team at Eternal Hair and Esthetics can help you tighten your skin and give you a younger-looking face and neck. You’ll experience results, including:

  • Reduced chin fat
  • Reduced loose skin
  • Reduced mouth wrinkles
  • Soften forehead lines

All of the skin-tightening procedures at Eternal Hair and Esthetics provide you with a glowing face without undergoing surgery or facial injectables.

skin tightening procedure

What should I expect during a skin tightening procedure?

Before your procedure begins, a member of the skilled Eternal Hair and Esthetics team washes your treatment site to remove dirt, oil, or make-up. They then give you protective eyewear and apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment site.

After waiting around 15 minutes to let the numbing cream take effect, they begin using the laser to heat the collagen under your skin’s surface. This causes it the skin to contract and tighten while increasing its collagen production. The laser device also emits a stream of cool air as an extra precaution to keep you comfortable.

Your whole session tends to last roughly 45 minutes, depending on the size and location of the area being treated. One of the reasons patients love non-surgical laser skin tightening procedures is due to the immediate results. You can return to work and your regular activities the same day as the procedure.

Care you need after skin tightening procedure

How can I keep my skin firm after the procedure?

There are several steps you can take to make sure your results last as long as possible. It’s recommended to apply sunscreen every morning, because long-term exposure causes your elastin to degrade and collagen to break down. Additionally, the specialists at Eternal Hair and Esthetics suggest you stop smoking, as it also decreases your skin’s firmness.