A Non-Surgical Way To Eliminate Unwanted Fat

Having a slender and fit body can help you live longer, since you carry less weight. It also helps to increase your self-confidence. The team at Eternal Hair and Esthetics in Totowa, New Jersey, can help you eliminate unwanted fat in specific areas of your body through a treatment called CoolSculpting®. This treatment freezes your fat cells with extremely cold temperatures, helping them die and allowing them to leave your body through your immune system. For questions regarding this revolutionary treatment, call the office today or schedule your appointment online.

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What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a state-of-the-art, FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment that uses controlled cooling technology to freeze away unwanted fat. If you’re healthy and still have areas of stubborn fat, then CoolSculpting is the treatment for you to achieve noticeable and lasting results.

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Who is a good candidate for CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting treatment is for people who are near their target body weight, not interested in liposuction and want to reduce fat on specific areas of their body, such as:+

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Back
  • Chin and Neck
  • Inner and outer thighs

It can be frustrating to consistently exercise and diet, yet not be able to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat, unable to achieve the body you’ve always desired. CoolSculping helps you elevate your sense of self-confidence and improve your emotional well-being.

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What can I expect during the CoolSculpting procedure?

One of the staff members at Eternal Hair and Esthetics places gel pads on your skin for protection. Following this, they prepare the CoolSculpting applicators to place on the area of your body you wish to address. The session takes around one to two hours, depending on the size of the area treated.

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What is the science behind CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting uses a process called cryolipolysis to get rid of your unwanted fat. This is done by only targeting your fat cells and exposing them to frigid cold temperatures. These cells freeze and then die. Once this occurs, your body’s immune system responds by removing the dead fat cells from your body. All this is done without harming the surrounding tissues and your skin.

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What is the difference between CoolSculpting and other body contouring treatments?

Liposuction is an effective way to lose weight, yet many patients may not want to have surgery. Laser lipolysis uses fiber-optic lasers to destroy your fat, while UltraShape uses ultrasound waves to destroy your fat cells. The reason these treatments aren’t as effective as CoolSculpting is because they can cause pain, require you to have downtime, and have slower results.

CoolSculpting has zero downtime, is relatively painless, and can produce flawless results with consistent usage.

You can have the body you’ve always wanted through the use of CoolSculpting. Call Eternal Hair and Esthetics today or schedule your appointment online.