Hair Transplant Patient Journey:

Tyler Bellmon’s Eternal Hair & Esthetics DFI Hair Transplant

The following videos are part of an ongoing series produced by Eternal Hair & Esthetics’ DFI Hair Transplant patient Tyler Bellmon. Tyler had his hair transplant in July 2020 and decided to document his experience from researching and comparing various hair transplant procedure options (FUE, FUT, DFI), to selecting the most experienced medical hair clinic to perform his hair transplant.

He explains the difference between various types of transplants and why he decided a Direct Follicle Implant hair transplant at Eternal Hair & Esthetics was the right choice for him. With the full results of his hair transplant expected by July 2021, Tyler will continue to publish updates between now and then as his hair continues to regrow, so be sure to check back for new videos periodically!