The Most Advanced Solution For Removing Unwanted Hair

At Eternal Hair & Esthetics, we tailor your laser hair removal to provide the best results based on your unique hair and skin profiles. The number of treatments needed and lasers used varies by patient. During your consultation, a laser hair removal specialist will discuss your individual treatment plan, as well as what results you can expect from your treatment.



Everyone’s skin and hair are different, and having multiple lasers allows us to match the right treatment to your individual needs, delivering the safest and most effective treatment options you’ll find anywhere.

Each of our FDA-approved hair removal systems offers unique advantages, and our experienced providers commonly utilize several different hair removal lasers during your treatment series to ensure the best results and help you achieve the smooth skin that you want.

Depending on the body area or areas treated, you’ll receive a series of treatments spaced apart every four to eight weeks, often starting on the same day as your consultation.

One of our most widely used lasers, the GentleLase, is best for lighter skin types, ranging from highly sun sensitive skin that always burns to minimally sun sensitive skin that always tans.

The GentleYag laser is specially designed for people with darker or sun exposed skin.

The Lightsheer is safe to use for wide variety of skin types. In Duet mode, it’s also one of the fastest and most comfortable hair removal technologies available.

Other laser therapy options include the StarLux® IPL, the Revlite and the Medlite C6, three devices often used in combination with other lasers.
With any of our Laser Hair Removal Treatments, there is no downtime and you’ll be able to return to your regular activities immediately.


How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal selectively concentrates light energy in the hair follicle, leaving the surrounding skin unchanged. With each session, the number of hairs growing in the treatment area declines and they can become finer and lighter.

Laser hair removal can be performed on any area of the face or body in as little as 15 to 30 minutes and is faster and easier than other methods of hair removal.


Is Laser Hair Removal Right For Me?

Laser hair removal is great for both women and men and can target all areas of the body including the bikini line, face, neck, underarms, legs, back, and ears.

Our cosmetic laser and light therapies have been designed to work safely and effectively for all skin types.

At Eternal Hair & Esthetics, patients of African American, Indian, Asian, Hispanic American, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and mixed race descent can feel confident that our experienced providers are utilizing specialized long wavelength lasers such as GentleYAG, the gold standard for the treatment of dark skin, to provide safe and effective laser hair removal treatments. These long wavelength lasers are absorbed less by melanin, minimizing the risk to your skin’s pigment during laser hair removal treatment.

What Does Laser Hair Removal Feel Like?

Patients describe the sensation of laser hair removal as similar to the snap of a rubber band. Two of our most popular lasers, the GentleLase and the GentleYAG, use a cryogen spray that precedes the laser pulse, pre-cooling the skin and making the treatment extremely comfortable.

The LightSheer uses a cold plate to numb the treatment area, and in Duet mode is our fastest and most comfortable laser hair removal technology. It’s perfect for treating large areas (like a man’s back or a woman’s legs) as it takes much less time to cover the same area just as effectively as other lasers.

How many laser hair removal treatments does it take?

There are several stages of hair growth and hairs in the active growth phase are more responsive to the laser. Depending on the density of hair, hair color and hormonal factors, the number of treatments required varies from four to eight, spaced four to six weeks apart for the face, and six to eight weeks apart for the torso and legs. With each treatment there is a progressive reduction in the number and diameter of the hairs re-growing.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Laser hair removal is tolerated quite well. Patients describe the sensation to be similar to the snap of a warm rubber band. The two most popular hair removal devices at Eternal Hair & Estheticsare the Gentlelase and GentleYAG lasers. Both of these lasers use a cool, cryogen spray, which precedes the laser pulse, pre-cooling the skin and making the treatment comfortable.

The Lightsheer and Starlux IPL use cold plates to numb the skin for a comfortable treatment.

Patients can elect to use topical anesthetic cream if they desire, although this is normally not required. One example is called Elamax. This is available in a four to five percent formulation. It is most effective when applied 30-40 minutes prior to the procedure

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

The FDA has cleared lasers for permanent reduction of unwanted hair, and the results are excellent. Though no one can guarantee complete and permanent removal of 100% of unwanted hair, we can assure you that laser hair removal is the most advanced and effective procedure today and patients are extremely satisfied with the results.

The ideal candidate is a patient with light skin and coarse, dark hair but due to recent developments and the latest technology we can achieve great results in patients with darker skin as well. For these patients, specialized lasers must be utilized, the most advanced of which is the GentleYAG Nd:YAG laser.


What Are The Possible Side Effects?

Permanent complications are quite rare from laser hair removal. Temporary skin darkening (hyperpigmentation) can occur, especially in those with darker skin tones and those with tanned skin, but this side effect is uncommon if specialized lasers for darker skin are utilized. Make sure the provider is using one of these lasers if you meet these criteria.

Hypopigmentation (lightening of skin color) is a rare complication of laser hair removal and would be more common if tanned skin was treated with a non-specialized laser. The risk of scarring with laser or light source hair removal is quite rare. The more experienced the provider who is performing the procedure, the safer it is. Beware of physicians who just dabble in or provide laser hair removal in a gynecology or family practice offices, or just perform treatments on a sporadic basis

What Areas Of The Body Can Be Treated?

All areas of the body, including face, neck, underarms, bikini line, chest, areola, legs, back, and ears can be treated. Eyebrows should not be shaped with the laser but the area in between the eyebrows can be treated. How Will I Look And Care For The Treated Area?

Immediately after the procedure, the treated area may appear minimally red in color. This reaction generally subsides within minutes to hours. Ice compresses can hasten the resolution of the redness if necessary.

What Can Be Done For Patients With Light Blond, Silver Or Grey Hair?

Laser hair removal is not effective for individuals with light blond, grey or silver hair.

Does Laser Hair Removal Treat Ingrown Hairs?

Laser hair removal is very effective for problematic ingrown hairs.

It is not necessary to put antibacterial cream on after the procedure. Sun avoidance is strongly advised after laser hair removal.


Does Hair Need To Be Long To Perform Laser Hair Removal?

It is preferable for hair to be short, no more than one to two millimeters (one to two day’s growth) at the time of the procedure. Hair should be clipped or shaved the day prior to the treatment, but waxing or plucking is avoided for one to two weeks prior to the treatment to enhance effectiveness. It is essential that back hair be shaved one to two days prior to treatment.

In general, the shorter the hair length during the procedure, the less painful and more effective your treatments will be. Longer hair can increase the risk of certain complications, such as burns. For that reason, our providers require that you shave or clip hair very closely the day prior to your treatment.

Are There Different Types Of Systems Used For Hair Removal?

There are several types of systems used for hair removal, and each varies in terms of cooling methods, treatment spot sizes and also comfort and treatment times. Be sure to ask about specifics of the laser or light system that will be utilized for your treatment. A facility should own several systems so they can tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs. Beware of practices that rent lasers, as this could indicate a lack of commitment to the field and lack of expertise.

What Areas Do Men Regularly Treat?

Many men come to Eternal Hair & Esthetics for laser hair removal. The back and shoulders are the most common area of treatment, though they also treat the chest, abdomen, ears and neck. It is important for men to have their back shaved either th

e day prior to, or the morning of the treatment. The goal of therapy for some guys is to thin the hair out, rather than to remove all the hair, and that can be effectively achieved with fewer treatments of laser hair removal.

What Are The Medical Issues That May Cause Excessive Hair Growth?

Excessive hair growth may be caused by abnormal hormone levels (androgens) and though other symptoms like abnormal periods and acne might be present, sometimes they are not. Eternal Hair & Esthetic’s expert physicians always consider the cause of excess hair, and are happy to review any medical causes with you during your consultation.


Why Choose Eternal Hair & Esthetics For Laser Hair Removal?

Aesthetic and laser medicine is a primary focus at Eternal Hair & Esthetics, and at our facilities only the most experienced and highly trained providers operate the lasers. Our doctors speak with and teach other physicians across the country and work with the manufacturers of the most popular lasers in the field. Our physicians have also appeared on TV and in magazines teaching consumers the best practices of laser hair removal.

Because we have multiple state of the art hair removal systems, we are able to tailor a quality program specific to your needs. This is in sharp contrast to the majority of facilities offering laser hair removal that use only one system to treat all patients.