Exosome Therapy: an Effective Alternative for More Permanent Hair Restoration

One of the hottest areas in regenerative treatments right now is exosome therapy. Imagine being able to regenerate hair follicles to combat baldness or thinning hair! Hair restoration is usually associated with painful implants, or temporary topical treatments, but exosomes are showing a great deal of potential in re-growing hair that has stopped growing, by rejuvenating the follicle while keeping side effects and recovery time to a minimum.

Exosomes are vesicles, or cellular components, that are released from cells, especially from stem cells. They act as “messengers,” transferring certain genetic information and proteins between cells. In short, exosomes are how cells “talk” to each other. Researchers are now finding that it’s possible for exosomes to enhance the healing process for patients.

Exosome therapy was originally studied to regenerate the skin on the faces of patients who had suffered third degree burns. The incredible regenerative abilities of exosomes are now being applied to treat a host of conditions, from orthopedic injuries, to fighting the effects of aging — to hair regeneration.

The serum used in exosome hair loss treatment alters the environment of the stem cells located within the patient’s scalp. This allows for the stem cells to generate their own exosomes, restoring and regenerating dormant hair follicles, which then allows for new hair to be produced in areas where it has thinned or been lost completely.

While the science behind this procedure is complex – the procedure is not. The powerful combination of growth factors in the exosome injections enable our patients to regrow fuller, thicker heads of hair.

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What Can I Expect During An Exosome Therapy Treatment?

Our board certified professionals are experts in exosome therapy and will work to ensure you experience the best possible outcome. First, we will numb your scalp with lidocaine for your comfort, and then perform several dozen painless injections of a solution of exosomes. We will then protect your scalp with a bandage to minimize swelling and speed recovery. To maintain healthy hair growth, maintenance treatments should be performed every 12 to 18 months.

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What Are The Aftereffects Of Treatment?

You may experience some mild soreness that may persist for about a week following treatment, but most of our patients are able to return to their normal daily routine the day after their treatment.

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What Can I Expect Overall?

Just like any other medical procedure, individual results from exosome hair loss treatment will vary, but the majority of our patients are able to experience the full benefits of treatment over the course of the next few months.

Exosome Therapy


Exosomes add a level of regeneration that we did not have before; the key benefits of this revolutionary treatment include:

  • Exosomes are very tiny and highly-concentrated – one treatment is all you need
  • Exosomes have growth factor proteins that stimulate the healing action of your body’s stem cells
  • Stimulates blood vessels growth for hair follicle regeneration
  • Stimulates white blood cell function to reduce inflammation
  • Are not rejected by your body, as they have no DNA or nucleus
  • It is an effective solution for more permanent hair restoration