About the Eternal Hair & Esthetics-exclusive DFI technique

DFI (Direct Follicle Implant) is the best-in-class, exclusive technique used by Eternal Hair for the most natural-looking results and the highest success rate (up to 98%) in the industry of hair transplants. We know that the success rate seems too good to be true and that’s why we fully guarantee our procedures. Our success can be attributed to our world-class medical experts and the precision with which DFI removes follicles one-by-one and carefully transplants them for incredible, life-long results.

How the DFI technique works

How Does the DFI Technique Work?

  • With the DFI Technique, follicles are implanted one-by-one directly into the area that is suffering from male pattern baldness or alopecia using our specially-designed, exclusive implantation tool. Each follicle is implanted in a specific direction, angle and depth. This method guarantees that the implanted hair will continue to grow with a natural-looking outcome throughout a lifetime, and will not fall out.
  • With DFI, there is minimum manipulation of the hair follicles that are extracted and a very short time in which the follicles are out of the scalp – maximizing transplantation success and long-term natural hair growth. Many clinics dissect follicles after extraction, causing trauma to the roots and causing viability to fall by up to 40%. Our DFI technique is designed specifically to avoid this type of damage and reduction in viability. This focus on viability leads to our high success rate of the procedure of over 98%.
  • No holes or prior incisions are created in the recipient area of the scalp before the hair follicle is implanted.
  • A DFI procedure is performed from start to finish by our expert medical staff.
  • The donor grafts we extract discreetly from the back of your head are placed in a special hypothermosol solution before implantation, greatly reducing trauma compared to other clinics’ techniques. This detail-oriented focus on each step of the hair transplantation process is what enables us to have our high success rate of 98+% and why we fully guarantee our procedures.
DFI hair transplant method Totowa, NJ

What are the advantages of the DFI method?

  • The strictest guidelines and safety protocols in the industry are diligently practiced by our expert medical staff in all of our procedures.
  • Our graft viability success rate is 98+%, allowing more coverage for the patient’s needs.
  • Only hair follicles that are the most viable and genetically designed to grow for a lifetime are selected as donors and transplanted.
  • No scalpels, no stitches, no scars and virtually no pain with DFI procedures – in stark contrast to the ‘FUT’ method used by many clinics in which strips of skin are cut from donor areas.
  • No visual scarring occurs on the donor or transplant areas thanks to our specially-designed, exclusive extraction and implantation tools that we use. These tools have 1 mm or less in diameter precision which is what allows us to provide you the excellent results you desire without leaving you with nicks and scars.
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What is the DFI Implanter?

The DFI implanter is a specially-designed tool for the execution of the DFI (Direct Follicle Implant) procedure. Thanks to our implanter, each follicle is precisely placed one-by-one directly into the affected balding area, providing complete control of direction, depth and angle on every hair graft. Thus, the new hair does not fall out, the grafts last a lifetime and the final look is 100% natural.

How fast does a DFI procedure heal?

The procedure is minimally invasive and with the help of the DFI exclusive extraction and implantation tools, there are no cuts, no scars, no stitching or unnecessary bleeding due to scalpels which may bother the patient.

Advantages of the DFI hair implant Totowa, NJ

What are the advantages of the DFI implanter?

Our patients enjoy a success rate of over 98+% with the DFI technique. We know it sounds too good to be true, which is why we fully guarantee our procedures!
The DFI technique is so successful thanks to:

  • Complete control over the angle, depth and direction of each graft, maximizing long-term viability and success of each follicle
  • 1 mm or less in diameter precision, allowing us to provide you with the thick, healthy hair you desire without nicks and scarring – unlike procedures other clinics employ such as the ‘FUT’ method where strips of skin are cut from the scalp prior to transplants.
  • One-by-one, careful implantation of each follicle – the DFI tool allows us to craft the exact natural, healthy look you desire since we place each hair individually with the utmost care.
DFI procedure Totowa, NJ

What can I expect during the DFI procedure?

If you’re a candidate for hair transplantation, you’ll be given instructions so you’ll know how to prepare for your procedure.

On the day of your treatment, you’ll recline in a special chair designed for hair transplant procedures, and your specialist will carefully extract the right amount of healthy follicles from the donor area.

When the extraction is complete, you’ll take a break, and then your specialist will begin the process of implanting the donor follicles into the recipient area. They’ll finish by placing gauze around your implants, and provide you with instructions about how to care for your implants at home.

When will I see results?

After transplantation, your new hair will gradually grow out in 8-12 months. You might notice that some transplanted hair falls out somewhere between 2-6 weeks after your procedure; this is normal and doesn’t indicate that your transplant wasn’t successful. Optimal results are usually seen between 12-18 months following your transplantation.