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About DFI Technique

DFI (Direct Follicle Implant) is the new gold standard innovative technique used by Eternal Hair in all our Hair Transplant procedures. DFI has the most natural results and the highest success rate (up to 98%) in the industry of hair transplants. This success rate attributed to our very skilled certified specialists that have been trained in our Eternal Hair Exclusive DFI Method.

How DFI (Direct Follicle Implant) works?

With the DFI Technique, follicles are implanted one by one directly into the area that is suffering from male pattern baldness or alopecia; and with the help of our especially design exclusive implantation tool, each follicle is implanted in a specific direction, angle and depth. This method guarantees that the implanted hair will continue to grow with a natural looking outcome throughout a lifetime, and will not fall out.


  • With DFI, there is a minimum manipulation and the short time in which the follicles are out of the scalp. This guarantees the viability and the success rate of the procedure up to 98%.
  • Since in the DFI Technique we do not dissect the follicles under a microscope once extracted, the root of these follicles does not suffer any type of trauma or over manipulation causing a reduced viability rate by up to 40% in some cases.
  • No holes or prior incisions are created in the recipient area of the scalp before the hair follicle is implanted.
  • A DFI procedure is performed from start to finish by our certified trained specialists.
  • Our Grafts are placed in a special Hypo Thermosol solution, which reduces the trauma and increases the viability rate of the follicles.

What are the advantages of the DFI method?

  • Strict guidelines and safety protocols ae followed by our certified specialist and staff in all our procedures.
  • Our graft viability success rate is up to 98%, allowing more coverage for the patient’s needs.
  • Only hairs follicles that are the most viable and genetically designed to grow for a lifetime, are selected and implanted which then, do not fall out.
  • No scalpels, no stiches, no scars, and virtually no pain is in our DFI procedures, since we do not practice the outdated FUT method.
  • No visual scarring occurs on the donor and implanted area, due to our especially designed exclusive extraction and implantation tools that we use with 1.0 mm or less in diameter.
  • What is the DFI implanter?

    The DFI implanter is a specially designed tool for the execution of the DFI (Direct Follicle Implant) procedure. Thanks to our implanter, each follicle is separately placed directly to the affected balding area, providing complete control of direction, depth and angle on every hair graft. Thus, the new hair does not fall, the grafts live longer and the final look is 100% natural.

    How fast a DFI procedure heals?

    The procedure is minimally invasive and with the help of the DFI exclusive extraction and implantation tools, there are no cuts, no scars, no stitching or unnecessary bleeding due to scalpels, which may bother the patient. Taking into account these factors, our patients return to their work life practically the next day if he or she desires.

    DFI vs FUE & FUT – which one is best technique?

    DFI is the world’s most advanced and effective technique for hair restoration

    What are the advantages of the DFI implanter?

    Complete Control

    The DFI implanter gives or specialists control the direction, depth and the angle, each graft is placed.

    Microscopic size

    Our implanter has a tip with a diameter equal or less than 1mm, making each treatment safe and painless, with no scarring.

    Direct Follicle Implantation to the balding area

    The placement of hair follicle directly to the area provides a natural look, without cuts or scars on the affected area.

    What can I expect during the DFI procedure?

    DFI has 3 simple steps to success:


    The chosen hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area following strict DFI guideline and protocols.


    Hair follicles are separated based on number of hairs in each graft and kept at 4 to 8 degrees temperature Celsius. The grafts are placed in a Hypo Thermosol Solution to ensure less trauma and a high graft survival rate.


    Hair follicles are implanted directly to the balding area using the exclusively designed DFI implanter, with complete control of direction, depth and angle to ensure 100% natural result.

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