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January 28,2023

While there is no cure for hair loss yet, there are many ways you can prevent hair loss. You don’t need to be bald to experience hair loss, as it may affect you, especially in middle age.

Nix Toxic Habits

Smoking and drinking cause hair loss by reducing blood flow that nourishes your hair follicles’ DNA. While caffeine encourages hair growth, consuming too much of it can cause hair loss. So if you’re consuming a lot of coffee or energy drinks, it might be time to switch things up. 

It’s also worth noting that stress hormones impede your hair growth cycle by pushing the follicles to a resting phase. So if you’re in an environment that puts you under tremendous pressure, it’s time to change to a comfortable setting to balance your cortisol level. 

Finally, lack of sleep also plays into the equation. If you don’t get enough rest each night, chances are high that your melatonin will reduce, which potentially causes hair loss. 

Don’t overprocess your hair.

Avoid overprocessing your hair by using a heat protectant when blow drying. To stop damaging your hair further, The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends using a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair after you wash it. This will help prevent breakage and split ends.

Eat well

If you are looking to maintain strong and healthy hair, eating well should be an essential part of your lifestyle in 2023. A healthy diet will keep your body strong and prevent it from losing nutrients essential for healthy hair growth, such as biotin, zinc, vitamins C and D, and iron.

Use an egg mask

Egg masks are a great way to nourish your hair and prevent further damage. They are rich in protein and essential for healthy hair growth. The proteins found in eggs help repair damaged strands by providing them with much-needed nutrients to help rebuild the outer layer of your scalp and follicles.Whether you are overprocessing, not eating right, or experiencing an underlying health issue, it is never too late to get back to a healthy lifestyle. From making subtle changes to your daily habits to consuming nutrients that encourage hair growth, these tips are a great place to start to combat hair loss.

We can help

At Eternal Hair & Esthetics, we understand how upsetting hair loss can be. We offer specific hair loss control treatments and hair transplants for women and men, designed to restore your scalp, voluminous hair, and confidence. Our procedures are guaranteed for life and we experience an industry-leading 98+% success rate. 

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