FUE Crown Hair Transplant NJ
March 24,2023

Male pattern baldness affects different parts of the scalp depending on what type you have. Thinning and hair loss at the crown is extremely common, and it takes a major toll on your self-confidence.

Many men with crown hair loss resort to wearing hats to cover their glaring bald spots, and they feel uncomfortable having anyone see the back of their heads. If you are in this position, there are treatment options. FUE is one of the leading hair transplants for male hair loss at the crown.

Treating Crown Hair Loss

The crown is the uppermost point of the back of your head. Also called the vertex, it’s a highly visible location that understandably causes many men a great deal of embarrassment when their hair starts to fall out.

A unique aspect of the hair crown is its growth pattern. The hair whorl creates a circle of hair that grows outward. Some people even have two, which is called a double crown. 

Our male hair restoration services can help you recover your crown and confidence. The FUE technique is the most effective thanks to its short surgical time and fast recovery period.

How FUE Hair Transplant Works

A Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant (FUE) involves extracting hair follicles from a site on the back of your head and transplanting them onto a balding area. FUE transplants last a lifetime, and they only take a few hours to complete. 

You can return home or to your accommodations after the procedure; no hospital stay or outpatient surgical treatment is required. 

At Eternal Hair & Esthetics, we specialize in DFI, the premier type of hair restoration treatment that minimizes scarring and scalp trauma to support a faster recovery period. 

A DFI transplant uses a single, specialized tool to extract and implant the target hair follicles individually to maximize success. Ultimately, our goal is to help you find the best procedure to deliver the greatest results with the least amount of pain, discomfort, and disruption.

Results to Expect From an FUE Crown Hair Transplant

Results take anywhere from four to six months to appear, so patience is key! You may need two FUE procedures to see the best results, it all depends on the severity of your hair loss. You’ll have to follow our post-op care instructions carefully to ensure that your crown transplant goes perfectly. 

  • Days 1-2 post-op require saline spray every hour
  • Day 3 involves a return visit to the clinic for a thorough graft wash
  • Day 10 requires another visit for a scab removal wash

You’ll have to wash the donor site every day for two weeks, except on the day of your procedure. For two weeks following surgery, you’ll have to avoid alcohol, smoking, vaping, and wearing any head accessories or using hair products.

It’s good to know ahead of time that FUE takes time. The results may feel slow going, but they’re worth the wait. Full recovery takes anywhere from a year to 18 months, sometimes longer. This is because hair not only takes a long time to grow but also fill in bald spots.

Slow results after FUE are normal, and your specialist will help you set expectations and recovery milestones before and after your procedure. 

Your Personal Male Hair Loss Restoration Treatment Awaits

If you’re looking for hair loss treatment in NJ, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Ednan Sheikh is a board-certified doctor certified in aesthetics. He combines over 18 years of medical experience with a warm, welcoming personality to make every patient feel supported. 
Contact us at Eternal Hair & Esthetics to book a free consultation with our hair loss specialist. You can book an appointment on our site, or call us at (212) 344-4247.