FUE hair transplant in NJ
March 14,2023

While many men dream of a head full of luscious hair after their hair transplant, others are interested in a cropped style. It may seem counterintuitive to get a hair transplant just to buzz it off, but it’s not.

Treating male pattern baldness means giving you more freedom in how you wear your hair. If you loved to rock a buzz cut before losing hair, it’s understandable that you’d want to do that again—minus the shiny bald spots.

The good news is that men can get buzz cuts after a hair transplant, but it will take time before your scalp is ready for any styling. 

Can you buzz your hair after a hair transplant?

You’ll actually have to shave parts of your head before the transplant, so you may already be sporting a buzzed style beforehand. After your procedure, you’ll have to wait for the regrowth period before breaking out the razor.

It will be at least several weeks before you can cut your hair. The exact timeframe depends on the type of hair transplant surgery you have. 

You likely will have no issue with a buzz cut after an FUE transplant. On the other hand, the less-specialized FUT procedure that other clinics use leaves an incision scar at the donor graft site; some men avoid buzz cuts to hide the scar, although it can fade over time.

At Eternal Hair & Esthetics, we specialize in DFI technique. DFI drastically reduces scalp trauma to promote faster healing, and it doesn’t leave any noticeable scarring afterward. 

How soon can you buzz your head after a hair transplant?

It will take several weeks before you can safely get any type of haircut. You’ll need to follow your hair transplant doctor’s orders completely to avoid any post-surgical complications. 

Buzzing your head too soon after the procedure can lead to issues like site infection and hair follicle damage. You don’t want to risk the results you’ve longed for. Wait until your doctor says it’s okay before visiting the barber or doing any home touchups.

Styling Your Hair After a Transplant

It’s natural to still feel self-conscious about your hair after your procedure. Until your hair starts to regrow, you may opt for hats to cover your surgical site. It’s completely up to you, but make sure you follow the doctor’s recommendations for a strong recovery.

It takes two to three weeks for most patients to start shampooing and using hair products again. You should avoid any hair dyes for at least three weeks, or until your doctor says it’s okay. As for your hair dryer, it’s should be okay to start using it again after just one week. 

At our practice, Dr. Sheikh and the medical team will walk you through the entire recovery process. You’ll be given clear, easy-to-follow care instructions, and you can reach out to us at our practice anytime with questions.

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