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October 12,2022

A hair transplant is only as good as the results you can see. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplants offer ideal outcomes. You can see for yourself in our hair transplant before and after photos.

The Norwood Scale

The Norwood Scale is typically used to determine the extent of hair loss prior to transplantation. It is represented as a set of classes from 1 to 7.

Class One: A regular adult hairline with no signs of hair loss

Class Two: The beginning of a receding hairline but no evidence of baldness.

Class Three: Noticeable recession in the shape of an M, V, or U

Class Four: Significant hair loss and possible separation line between the crown and the front of the scalp.

Class Five: More significant balding at the front and crown of the scalp, usually as one large patch

Class Six: Having only a “halo” of hair remaining at the sides and the back of the scalp

Class Seven: Almost completely bald

Benefits of a FUE Hair Transplant

A FUE hair transplant offers several benefits to clients:

  • It achieves natural-looking, permanent results – guaranteed by Eternal Hair
  • It comes with minimal side effects
  • It doesn’t result in the “hair plug” look
  • It doesn’t leave linear scarring
  • It offers clients consistent results
  • It doesn’t require significant downtime

Who’s a good candidate for FUE hair transplant?

Clients who can expect to see the best result from a FUE hair transplant have an area of hair thick enough to extract and move to the area showing evidence of baldness. Hair loss affects people differently because it’s a result of genetics.

An experienced hair transplant surgeon will take into account how your hair loss will continue over time. Future hair loss can be accounted for when considering the plan for your transplant. After the procedure is complete, you can expect it to be noticeable 10 to 12 months after the procedure.

Where To Have a Successful FUE Hair Transplant

Eternal Hair & Esthetics can show you a significant difference in your hair. Check out our clients’ hair transplant before and after pics. If you feel that an Fue hair transplant is right for you, book an appointment.