Male hair transplant in NJ
October 08,2022

Do you have questions about hair loss? During a hair loss consultation, you will get specific answers to your situation. That includes providing you with a hair transplant before and after guide based on what you can expect. Here are some common questions many ask.

What causes hair loss?

There are numerous potential causes of hair loss, including genetic conditions like androgenetic alopecia. Stress, physical trauma, pregnancy, some medications, a lack of a nutrient-rich diet, and the environment can all contribute to hair loss.

Will medications help with hair loss?

There are some medications that could help some people with hair loss. Medications such as Propecia and Proscar are a type of Finasteride medication that could help with hair loss in those with pattern baldness. Sometimes these medications have side effects, or they may not work.

Will lifestyle changes help with hair loss?

They could if they are the underlying cause of your hair loss. For example, improving hormone balance after pregnancy or improving your diet and stress levels can help to reduce the impact on your hair. In some situations, these types of changes could help hair to start to regrow.

How do I know that I’m losing too much hair?

People can lose up to 100 strands of hair a day, and that’s considered normal. If your hair is falling out faster or you are noticing areas that are thinning, that’s an indication it may be time to speak with an expert at Eternal Hair about your treatment options.  

What happens during a hair loss consultation?

Our expert will ask you key questions about what’s occurring, including when you started to notice hair loss, how often it occurs, and if this has happened before. We will ask about any family history of hair loss, what medications and supplements you’re taking, and what your care routine is. An exam may show a person has poor hair growth, damaged hair, or damaged hair follicles.

Is a hair transplant an option for you?

Most of the time, the first steps in treatment involve making lifestyle changes and using medications. However, after that, you may not notice improvement. In that situation, we suggest you determine if a hair transplant is the right decision for your needs. A full hair transplant consultation is necessary to determine if this is the best treatment plan for your needs. Book a complimentary consultation with one of the caring experts at Eternal Hair at