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February 17,2023

A hair transplant may be the answer to all your struggles with hair loss. If you’ve been suffering from thinning and baldness for some time, a hair transplant could be the most effective next step in your treatment plan.

If this is your first time thinking about hair loss treatments for men, then we welcome you to learn more about hair transplants, and whether they could be the right choice for you. 

Do men’s hair transplants work? 

Hair transplants can be highly effective, and they often provide noticeably fuller hair and improved hair growth. The secret to success lies in the level of hair loss you have, and the type of hair transplant you receive.

At Eternal Hair and Esthetics, we use the direct follicle implant (DFI) and follicular unit extraction (FUE) techniques to provide our clients with painless, non-invasive hair transplants. 

DFI and FUE create natural-looking results with no scarring. 

Men are more likely to experience hair loss than women; because of unique genetic factors and contributing causes, hair transplants have been largely designed to suit men and their hair loss patterns.

Do hair transplants look natural?

If they’re done correctly, hair transplants can make your new hair look just as natural as your normal hair. Hair transplants use your own follicles to create new growth in thinning or bald areas. They are not the same as hair plugs, which is an outdated hair transplant method that was popular until the early 2000s. 

Modern hair transplants use discreet, incision-free methods that are designed to enhance your hairline and improve the natural appearance of your hair. We follow your natural scalp pattern to ensure any future hair growth completely blends into your existing hair.

For many men who suffer from hair loss, the biggest concern they have is that a hair transplant will look sparse, patchy, or like a toupée. Transplants are meant to create a completely natural end result, which will be indistinguishable from your regular hair and will grow in naturally for the rest of your life. Eternal Hair & Esthetics guarantees all of our procedures for this success. 

Reasons to Choose a Hair Transplant Over Other Procedures

The primary reason a man would opt for a hair transplant is due to the severity of his hair loss. Many other treatments require the hair follicles to still be active, which means men with more advanced forms of hair loss may not experience desired results. 

Hair transplants can help you regain hair growth and coverage in areas that have been thinning or bald for years. Another benefit of hair transplants is that they are a one-time treatment. They don’t require any additional follow-up treatments to see results.

The number one reason most men opt for a hair transplant is to regain confidence. While it still takes six to nine months to see results, they tend to be much more powerful than those brought on by other treatments. 

Men who have felt self-conscious for a long time once again feel confident in their appearance. This can directly impact their self-esteem and social lives. For many patients, the greatest benefit of a hair transplant is finally feeling like themselves again when they look in the mirror.

Do I qualify for a hair transplant? 

To find out if you’re a suitable candidate for a hair transplant, you need a thorough scalp assessment by a qualified surgeon. At Eternal Hair and Esthetics, Dr. Sheikh and the team are here to help. Please contact us today to schedule a free consultation either virtually or in-person at our beautiful clinic in Totowa, NJ.