Male hair transplant in NJ
July 26,2022

Are you thinking about having a hair transplant? Eternal Hair and Esthetics will provide you with the #1 solution for hair loss worldwide. If you’re struggling to schedule your transplant surgery into your busy life, summer is the perfect time for you to start growing your new head of hair.

A Vacation and New Hair? Yes Please!

Summer is the perfect opportunity to take a break from your busy work life and have some “You” time. Take a few days off for your hair transplant and follow it up with your dream vacation. Relax, spend time with loved ones, and rejuvenate your body and mind (and hair!) before returning to the office. 

Get that Summer Look

It’s hat season. It’s short hair season. It’s also sunburn season.

Having a hair transplant during the summer will allow you to disguise your hair transplant with a cap and nobody will be suspicious.

You can also play off tiny scabs which flake off during the recovery process as flaking skin from sunburn. Make sure that you don’t get sunburnt though! Wait the recommended number of days before placing a cap on your head and follow all post-surgery instructions given to you by the medical experts at Eternal Hair and Esthetics.

The Best Hair Transplant

The experienced professionals at Eternal Hair and Esthetics use a hair restoration technique called direct follicle implant (DFI). Hair follicles are extracted individually from a donor area of the head and implanted one at a time into the area affected by hair loss. 

This method leaves no visible scarring or pain, whilst the 1mm precision of the implant tool gives your medical expert maximum control for the most natural-looking results available in the hair restoration industry.

The team of specialists at Eternal Hair and Esthetics have undergone rigorous training in internationally accredited DFI hair restoration protocols.

What are you waiting for?

Enjoy a holiday, make the most of cap season, and treat yourself to a new head of hair. 

P.S. hair grows faster in the summer.You can book a consultation with a medical expert at Eternal Hair and Esthetics by clicking here: