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August 05,2022

Our clients come to us for the best hair transplant in New Jersey (NJ) and New York (NY) Metropolitan areas. They all have something in common. They love living life. Health and well-being are important factors for many people that are also looking for the best hair transplant options to suit their lifestyles. Working out and exercising is a big part of living well. Many ask, “can I still play sports after a hair transplant?”

We understand that playing sports is an important part of your daily life and we have some information to help you plan so you can play sports after a hair transplant to get the best results. 

Here’s What You Should Know About Playing Sports After a Hair Transplant

Carefully Follow Your Surgeon’s Post-Surgical Instructions. 

The best hair transplants are those that are taken care of every step of the way. The skill and experience of your surgeon are important, and it’s what happens afterward that can have a big impact on the outcome. To get the best hair transplant results, follow your surgeon’s post-surgical instructions very carefully. Some basic guidelines include:

Hold Off on Strenuous Exercise. 

Yes, you can still play sports after a hair transplant. For the first month (this time can vary and is specified for each patient), our surgeons will instruct you to skip the heavy stuff. This means no heavy labor, weight lifting, jogging, running, or biking. The reason for this is to allow appropriate healing time for the best hair transplant results. You want to decrease any chance of activities that could dislodge your transplants. The biggest risk to your transplant during this period is the possibility of excessive bleeding or trauma that could cause a problem. 

Light Exercises and Sports are Okay to Play Two Weeks After A Hair Transplant.  

While you’re healing it’s an opportunity to try lighter sports and exercises such as walking or yoga. Typically this would be after14 days of healing. If any increased bleeding is experienced during the light activity then this should be cut down as well. It’s part of the process to ensure you experience the best hair transplant from start to finish.

The best hair transplant results come as a result of the best diagnostics, treatment, procedure, care, and aftercare. At Eternal Hair and Esthetics, our team is ready to provide the best hair transplant for you, accessible to the New Jersey (NJ) and New York (NY) Metropolitan areas. You’re greeted with the highest level of care as soon as you schedule your meeting with an Eternal Hair Specialist for diagnostics and treatment. 

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