FUE hair transplant in NJ
September 18,2022

By age 40, nearly 50% of men have moderate to extensive hair loss, and about 40% of women have some visible loss. For both, hair loss can negatively affect their self-esteem. There are many temporary solutions to cover the loss, like hairpieces or cosmetics, but they don’t produce the best results. A hair transplant is a permanent solution that uses your own hair follicles to fill in the problem areas. If you’re considering a hair transplant, here are some facts to keep in mind: 

Your age matters

Hair loss can start young, in your teens, but we don’t recommend a hair transplant that young. It’s generally recommended to wait until age 25 or older for the best hair transplant results. By then, the hair loss pattern is likely established. Otherwise, the result can look patchy when the original hair continues to recede around the transplanted hair.

Results may depend on hair quality

Different characteristics of your hair can affect whether a hair transplant is a good choice. 

Transplanted hair and original hair grow alike

After your scalp heals from the transplant, your transplanted hair will grow like your original hair. You can cut, style, and dye transplanted hair just like your original hair.

Transplant lasts for life

Unlike hair additions or products that conceal bald spots, hair transplants are a permanent fix. The transplanted hair follicle is surgically implanted within your scalp and lasts for life – 100% guaranteed by Eternal Hair & Esthetics!

It’s the most cost effective

Because hair transplant lasts for life, it’s ultimately less expensive than temporary solutions. Although temporary solutions like hair pieces or cosmetic concealers may be cheaper initially, the cost adds up over your lifetime. Eternal offers several third-party financing solutions and has 0% financing available for 6 months available for a limited time. 

Transplanted hair doesn’t require special treatment

Once you’ve completed the transplant and carefully followed your aftercare instructions, you can treat all your hair the same. No special products or care are needed for your transplanted hair. It won’t fall out, but the better you take care of it, the stronger the regrowth and regrown hair!

Trust Your Hair Transplant to the Best

At Eternal Hair & Esthetics, our world-class experts perform each transplant with such care and precision that we have a success rate of 98%!

We use the direct follicle implant (DFI) technique for natural-looking results. With DFI, hair follicles are implanted one at a time at the correct angle, depth, and direction for the most natural look. With no incisions, swelling, or scarring, all you’ll see is your natural hair.