September 27,2022

If you’ve considered hair transplant treatment for androgenic alopecia (male pattern hair loss), you may have wondered how many treatments you’ll need. The answer depends on individual factors. 

For many people, one treatment is enough to create the best results. For others, it may take more than one transplant to get the best hair transplant results possible. 

Reasons you might need more than one hair transplant

There are valid reasons a second transplant may be needed in the future. 

Continued hair loss

The most common reason why more than one transplant may be necessary is ongoing hair loss. Unfortunately, there is no “stop” date for hair loss and no way to predict a person’s hair loss pattern accurately or how much will be lost. The transplanted hair doesn’t fall out, but original hair may continue to fall out after a transplant. For some patients, a second transplant may be needed in the future to fill in areas with new hair loss. At Eternal, our physicians and expert staff can recognize the best times and opportunities for you to perform a transplant and will advise you appropriately. 

Unexpected poor growth

Most hair transplant cases are successful, but there are rare cases where the transplanted hair just doesn’t grow as well as expected. Sometimes, an undiagnosed dermatologic or medical condition can affect the growth of transplanted hair. Once the condition is treated, additional transplants may be scheduled to replace the hair that didn’t grow as expected. Eternal Hair & Esthetics guarantees their procedures and experiences over 98% success with all hair transplants they perform. 

Exceptional Care for Exceptional Results 

At Eternal Hair & Esthetics, we want you to be delighted with your results, with no surprises. When you trust us with your hair transplant, we take your trust seriously. We will always be open with you about the results you can expect to achieve. Call for a consultation today.