Male hair transplant in NJ
March 01,2023

If you’re experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, a hair transplant is an effective alternative to restore your hair. One question that many individuals have is how much a hair transplant will cost. The cost of a hair transplant ultimately depends on several different factors.

The Number of Grafts That You Need

A hair transplant removes small areas of the scalp (referred to as grafts) where hair is abundant and relocates these hair follicles to portions of the scalp with thinning, sparse hair. The number of grafts that you need will affect the cost of your hair transplant. In general, it’s more expensive to treat larger areas of hair loss than smaller areas because the larger area requires more hair grafts. 

Your Preferred Transplant Method

Two common options for hair transplants are follicular unit transplant (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). FUE individually extracts each graft to minimize scarring, while FUT removes an area of grafts, leading to a small scar. This scar is often hidden once your hair grows back. 

FUE is more time-consuming and comes with a higher price tag. FUT is less expensive but has lower success rates and results in visible scarring. 

Your Surgeon’s Experience

A hair transplant is a precise procedure that requires knowledge and training. A qualified surgeon with ample experience will charge more than someone with minimal experience or subpar training.

Opting for an inexperienced surgeon may reduce the cost of a hair transplant, but you’re at a higher risk of experiencing complications or subpar results from the procedure. Check that any potential surgeons are board-certified and an American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) Diplomat.

Where You Have Your Hair Transplant

It’s much cheaper to have a hair transplant completed in another country, like Turkey, India, or Thailand. However, while an out-of-country surgeon may be qualified, you won’t receive the same level of aftercare that you would with an in-country surgeon.

If something goes awry, you’ll have to pay another surgeon in the US to fix the issue, increasing the total cost of your procedure. You’ll also need to factor in travel costs and time off work, both of which can increase the cost of an out-of-country hair transplant. 

Should You Choose the Cheapest Hair Transplant Option?

Instead of focusing on the price tag when deciding where to have your hair transplant completed, focus on the results. You want a reputable surgeon who has ample experience completing hair transplants.

Not only will this make the procedure as safe as possible, but a surgeon with a high level of precision can optimize your results. If you experience complications, an experienced, local surgeon has the required expertise to ensure your safety and healing. 

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